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Welcome to the World Inu Dog Project

I am Kumashi, the dog father, and today we bring to you the meme project you have been waiting for. We believe that there is need for that unique omnibus project that addresses the prejudiced issues of individually named meme, which in their storied existence have done injustice to other dogs. We are not a specific breed, nor do we claim to be pure breed. Call us the mongrel of the world, the umbrella house that does justice and goodwill to all dogs of the world. We are the worlds local dog. We are in your household. We teach you a trick or two, be you  old or young. We cater to the several residents of the doghouse, while at the same time securing  the community. We beleive every dog is an Inu, and the World  Dog Inu is representive of the clan of all all dogs. Why do you have to worry about different kind of Inus, when you can have the World Inu Dog! Welcome to the world of World Inu Dog tokens project!
The World Inu Dog  is that breed you have at home, whatever name called. We don’t want to make other dogs feel ignored, denigrated and belittled by only promoting some breeds. This project is for all dog. We believe that every dog must have its day, even when the dogs are going through a a dog’s day every day. 
Our dog is out of the doghouse, and it shall only return when it makes other dogs the pride of the nation. The World Inu Dog is a leader, amongst canine . It leads from the front, through perilous and good times. 
The World Inu Dog secures  your property  and your future, so no intruder can touch you and yours. Your future is secured financially  by holding the World Inu Dog tokens, WID. 
We know it’s a  a dog-eat-dog world, but we here are our dog’s brother’s keeper. Though people think you can’t  teach an old dog new tricks, this World Inu Dog crypto token is  coming to you with the best new economy of tricks to better your doggie fortune. We went to the deepest portion of the doggie bag to bring you a well package project for your financial security. This project is destined to be a howling success as we have dedicated  members in the team doing a dog days work everyday with commitment and tenacity. 
World Inu Dog Tokenomics:

World Inu Dog Tokenomics:

Maximum Supply:  1,000,000,000,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Balance of 40% After Burn
Team Members:  35%
Marketing: 20% 
Community Reward: 15%
Seed Investors : 30%
Burn Programme

Burn Programme

60 % over 2 years
30 % for the first six months.
All  available team members tokens(less tokens reserved for the burn programme) shall be sent to Uniswap  and other exchanges. Everyone  who is an interested investor shall buy from these exchanges.

WID Token Unique Address:

WID Token Contract Source Code on Binance Smart Chain:

Burn Reservoir address:

PancakeSwap pair:

Connect Your Wallet
Connect Your Wallet to PancakeSwap

Instructions for adding and trading WID.

  1. Trading on Pancakeswap, you will need to configure your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network. Please find here the instructions to for each wallet to be used with BSC. 
  2. Select the WID token and do your swap. 
  3. You can also use the DEX Swap feature in your wallet( like Metamask , Trust, ImToken etc to swap directly from BNB to WID. As usual, you will need to add the WID token using its contract address.

Project Plan

The World Inu Dog  is keen on building its own new dog house, which shall be called WIDSWAP( World Inu Dog Swap ). Other dogs are welcome to come join in the doghouse by listing their tokens. By the way, we welcome other clans of animals, including our feline sisters. We are a benevolent creature amongst all and would like to share our dogkindness to all. 
When we set up to start the project, we already know we are the underdogs, but our goal is to be the top dog of the pack. We shall not relent in this goal. This project shall be devoid of the dog-and-pony show that so often characterizes other similar project. We will conduct this one professionally in a way worthy of a perfect gentledog. We already know what it’s like to have a dog’s life, so we intend not to add more ticks to it!
As top dogs, we will reward every dog with regular WID tokens . We intend also to set up a dogrity, which will perform charity work towards improvements of the lives of all dogs globally!
What kind of dog are you ? A bulldog or a beardog. We welcome you to try your doggedness  by joining our project and trading the token! Please when you join our social media, be reminded to call of the dogs, for we shall keep pushing for clean and proper behaviors amongst members of the dogmunity!
As the dog daddy, we will snoop around for the best possible dog options to enable you invest with peace of mind in the WID tokens. It’s a dog world, we are taking charge to change it for the better!
Finally, we wish every member of this community a life like a dog with two tails . We shall all meet ourselves at the top. 
Welcome to the new life with the World Inu Dog project. Welcome to WID!

Roadmap & Operational Framework

Features of World Inu Dog, WID, token :

100% Fair Launch of Project

Dex Liquidity is fully locked until 2050

50% of all the tokens added as liquidity and strategic burn programme faithfully implemented

No presale, no team tokens, no allocations




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